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Sea Life

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Regarding the marine fauna of the island of Gran Canaria, it is very diverse and rich in species, due to its varied ecosystem and geographical situation. On our cover today we have this beautiful Carmelita (Myrichthys pardalis).

One of the peculiarities of the marine settlement of the waters of Gran Canaria is the coexistence of species such as pelagics and turtles (among which the caretta caretta species or loggerhead turtle) that coexist with rays, blankets, chuchos and angels, swordfish, large tuna; or the littoral species, such as bream, old, salemas, galanas, palometas, groupers, cabrillas, roosters or pollack. In the colony of mammals, which are also found in the waters of Gran Canaria, include dolphins, dolphins and whales.

Here you can watch these two videos plenty of sea life in Playa del Cabrón Marine Reserve. Enjoy it